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E - Innovative

Imagine a business on wheels. A business that you can transport anywhere according to your customer's needs. Not selling well at a certain place? Change locations at will! Not only that but imagine a business like this at a lower investment than a static shop! That is exactly what the E-Innovate provides you with. A tea shop, biryani shop, BBQ shop, no matter what your business idea is, the E-Innovative will help you thrive. You can even customize your vehicle according to your needs! What are you waiting for?


Vehicle Category
Top Speed : 40 km/Hour
Motor : 2.2Kwh
Battery : LiFePo4, 60V, 110Ah
Range : 70 – 90 Kms
Charging Hours : 4.5 Hours
Charging Socket : 15Amp, 230V AC
Kerb Weight : 535 Kgs
Payload : 300 Kgs

Do' Don't
Turn off the vehicle when not in use.” Do not throttle while braking
Accelerate gradually when starting. Do not attempt to fiddle with cables
Monitor the drive mode when starting Do not remove the battery connectors
Always park the vehicle in "N" mode Do not push/pull the battery
Keep the vehicle away from children when it is "ON Do not heat the battery directly or indirectly.
Charge the vehicle only through the designated charging port Do not loosen the body bolts
Use an appropriate 3-pin 15A socket for charging Do not pull any extra lines from the wiring grid.
Turn off the DP switch when charging Do not attempt to weld or alter the vehicle for any purpose
Check the tire pressure before starting Do not try to open or break the battery seal
Do wash the vehicle periodically. (Don't understand what wipe wash is.)e Do not park the vehicle in an area with a water level of above 1 ft.
Do not load any appliances beyond 12V, 15A

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